vineri, 17 aprilie 2009

attic insulation - useful articles

I always thought that people should protect the environment and everyone should do their part. Of course, this is a utopia, since there are so few people that really have a good conscience.

For the average houseowner, doing the part also means installing attic insulation. Attic insulation is one of the most energy efficient improvements you can do to your own house. Here are some very useful articles on the theme that I particularly liked and some sites with high quality articles on the subject.

- Ezine Articles

- All about everything

- Article Dashboard

- Article Snatch

- Advantages of insulation

- Builder Scott on insulation

- Buzzle

- Decorating Addiction on reducing bills

- Deal a day site

- Attic insulation for the homeowner

- eHow

- Ebiz

- Reducing your bills

- 51 info

- Front page articles

- House and home

- Should you get insulation?


Here they are, I hope you have a great read. Bookmark this page for future reference.

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