sâmbătă, 25 aprilie 2009

some of my online friends

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Since I started exploring the online world, I have made many friends that I have come to cherrish, friends who also express their opinions on blogs. I will pay them my respects by showing you their activity.

Sonya at WeeWelcome; She is the first one, great job.

You can visit their blogs as they write tons of interesting stuff - also thanks for the visitors you sent me gals!

vineri, 17 aprilie 2009

Changeling - an amazing movie

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The 2008 movie Changeling is an amazing accomplishment. Inspired by a true story, it tells the tale of a mother whose sun disappeared while she was at work. The action of the movie starts in the early 20s, but I will not tell you much more because I don't want to spoil it for you.

Angelina Jolie plays the role of the main character, Christine Collins, and she plays the role brilliantly. This is yet another demonstration of the fact that Angelina Jolie, besides her good looks, is an extermely talented actress.

This drama/mistery movie is worth it all the way. And I am not easily impressed by movies anymore.

attic insulation - useful articles

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I always thought that people should protect the environment and everyone should do their part. Of course, this is a utopia, since there are so few people that really have a good conscience.

For the average houseowner, doing the part also means installing attic insulation. Attic insulation is one of the most energy efficient improvements you can do to your own house. Here are some very useful articles on the theme that I particularly liked and some sites with high quality articles on the subject.

- Ezine Articles

- All about everything

- Article Dashboard

- Article Snatch

- Advantages of insulation

- Builder Scott on insulation

- Buzzle

- Decorating Addiction on reducing bills

- Deal a day site

- Attic insulation for the homeowner

- eHow

- Ebiz

- Reducing your bills

- 51 info

- Front page articles

- House and home

- Should you get insulation?

- About.com

Here they are, I hope you have a great read. Bookmark this page for future reference.

joi, 9 aprilie 2009

the charm of seville

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Seville is a city full of charm. A city with diverse cultures and civilizations that have lived throughout its rich history. In Seville it is easy to find monuments from different eras such as Arabic, the Renaissance, Baroque and modern.

The Cathedral and the Giralda

The entrance to the Cathedral and Giralda is not cheap but it is worth it. Seville has one of the few cathedrals in the world where the private rooms are open to the public. La Giralda is a large tower attached to the cathedral, and you can climb up and see the entire old city.

Plaza of Spain

La Plaza de Palacio of Spain is extremely beautiful, an example of modernist architecture. The most incredible fact is that the square was built with slabs and tiles, including bridges across the canals that surround the square. And another curiosity. Along the base of the square there are several ceramic works that illustrate scenes from all the Spanish provinces. Admission is free.

Torre del Oro

La Torre del Oro is a thirteenth century tower, from the Almohad period, which is named after the color of gold slabs covering the whole surface (its name literally means "The Golden Tower). It now houses a naval museum.

El Puente del Alamillo

For those who like modern architecture, the Puente del Alamillo is a must see. It is a huge bridge connecting the island of La Cartuja, site of Expo 92, with the old city. Over the bridge primarily pass cars, but there is also an area where pedestrians can walk.

Real Fábrica de Tabacos

This former tobacco factory was built 500 years ago and became famous for its mention in Bizet's opera Carmen. To prevent thieves, the building was surrounded by moats which can still be seen. It even had a jail inside, for those who were caught in the attempt.

a few possible flaws of wine

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Wine, as good as it might be, can also have its flaws. These are called defects in wine. Problems occur during the development or because of a bad bottle. I want to comment on all of these possible defects.
1 - The most infamous is the smell of cork. It reminds us of mold and moisture. It may happen because the cork was already contaminated before putting it on and transfered this defect to the wine in the bottle.
2 - Another very detectable smell is sulfur. You mway recognize this is it smells like a freshly lit match. The addition in excess of sulfur results in the production of dioxide in the process of fermentation. With an aeration of the glass or bottle, it can disappear.
3 - Smell of rotten eggs (sulfide). In wines from warm areas that have not been oxygenated normally. It can also be eliminated with aeration.
4 - The smell of vinegar (acetic acid) and also the smell of nail polish (ethyl acid).
5 - Oxidation which is detected at a glance (all of the previous flaws were detectable with the nose), as the wine loses its color and tends to go brown. It can also be revealed with the sense of smell.
6 - The wine has a mud like aroma and taste, when it was attacked by microorganisms, fungi or bacteria.
7 - Aroma of dirty wood, from the use of old or dirty barrels.
8 - Problems with wine's turbidity. The most common symptom is the observation at the bottom of the cup of a small crystals of tartrates. It's normal, and it does not affect the taste of wine.
Other more troublesome precipitates are caused by the prolonged stay in the bottle.

One could cite a few more, but I think those are enough.